You are here: home health/fitness medical specialists ophthalmology & optometry fuchs endothelial dystrophy ophthalmology & optometry/fuchs endothelial dystrophy advertisement expert: elliot b. viagra 5 mg or 20mg Werner, m. discount generic viagra D. generic viagra online canada pharmacy - 9/4/2007 question i have what's primarily a curiousity question. buy viagra pills online  i was diagnosed with early fuchs endothelial dystrophy by my optometrist and was sent to an ophthalmologist who confirmed it.  when the ophthalmologist's technician was doing the eye exam, she placed a solid thing with pin holes in it in front of one eye while the other eye was covered. Lowest viagra price online  my vision thru the pin hole thing turned into a mess, instead of the letters on the eye chart, i saw a bunch of lines like ovals, dots, etc. Where can you buy viagra  the ophthalmologist said those were due to fuchs. cheap viagra on line  i later decided i wanted a corneal specialist as my primary ophthalmologist.  i asked him about the pin hole thing, as i was wondering what i was actually seeing, corneal damage, the guttata(sp? ) or what.  he said it was probaby just a one time thing, maybe my eyes were dry or something (i also have dry eye, but keep them well moisturized. ) i am not sure who is correct. prednisone viagra drug interactions  this was so striking, i have trouble believing it was some temporary dry eye artifact. buying viagra in usa  any idea what it is due to? viagra prescription  thanks. Answer the pinhole test is a quick screening test used to distinguish decreased vision due to refractive errors (those that can be corrected with glasses) from other causes of decreased vision. do viagra pills expire  if vision improves with he pinhole, the decreased vision is due to a refractive error. Viagra uk ebay  if the vision remains the same or gets worse with the pinholes, then there is some other cause for the decreased vision.  since your vision got worse with the pinhole, it tells us that it was not a refractive error that could be corrected with glasses. viagra 100 mg street price  beyond that, one cannot tell what it would be due to without examining you. cheapest viagra on the web Elliot werner, m. D. Add to this answer ask a question related articles army aviation medical standards - vision pinhole glasses - definition of pinhole glasses pinhole glasses - do pinhole glasses work night vision after lasik - problems with night vision after lasik vision correction - definition of vision correction ophthalmology & optometry all answers answers by expert: dr anand shroff, md, fics dr. viagra 100 mg street price Kenneth berger mitchell axelrod michael j. viagra black reviews Wojciak, o. generic viagra online pharmacy india D. Dr. online to buy viagra or cialis Margaret placentra johnston, od john m. cheap viagra uk delivery Dovie, od, faao scott w. Tunis. lorena valldepérez




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