My steps and the creative way are composing the line of my song. To express my life in the art, the authenticity of the creation.

- I.D. BARRIO, monographic the social creativity, collective action and the artistic practices with KRUNSTrePUBLIK, Barcelona 2009.

- Seminar pre-doctorate Faculty of Fine Arts Barcelona, 2009

- Massana Permanent, scenery of the scenic arts with Meritxell Muñóz, 2007.

- Monographic Artistic Direction with Antxon Gómez, 2004.

- Courses of Photo in Escola Massana, 2000-2001.

- Studies of engraving in the faculty of Fine Arts, Athens (Greece) 1999.

- Bachelor of Fine Arts, specialty of painting, Barcelona 1998.

At present I am working as a stained glass person and artistic creation …


Hotel Axel, new stained-glass window work with silicone. Barcelona.

Collective exhibition in La Capela, I.D.BARRIO. Barcelona.


Restoration stained-glass window leadings (XVth century) Basilica of Sant Just i Pastor, Barcelona.

End of the Restoration stained-glass window leadings (Century. XIV-XV-XVIII) Cathedral of Tarragona.


Teacher of the monographic one of design and execution of the stained-glass window in the School of Arts and Offices of León.


Restoration Cathedral of Tarragona.

Teacher of the seminar of the stained-glass window in the School of Arts and Offices of León.


Teacher seminar of the stained-glass window in the School of Arts and Offices of León.

Restoration stained-glass windows Modernist leadings of the Lleó and Mulberry's house of Barcelona.


Installation in my owner workshop in Barcelona.


Teacher of drawing and infantile painting. City council of Barcelona.


Exhibition Metropolitan Gallery Barcelona.


Teacher of Plastic Arts, in the Civic Center of Barceloneta, City council of Barcelona.


Art Fair ARCO, Madrid.

Biennial of Cologne (Koln) Germany, participation with the Metropolitan Gallery.


Art Fair ARCO, Madrid.

Exhibition The Spanish shop window of the Gothic a XXIth century commissioner Víctor Nieto Alcaide. Madrid.

Fair New Arts, interventions in the rooms of Hotel Barceló. Barcelona.


Social Center Les Naus, Erotic Cabaret, creation scenographyc projections.

Exhibition Metropolitan Gallery in charge of Pere Soldevilà. Barcelona.

Fair New Art Hotel Barceló, Barcelona. Magazine 'Art and Part' nº 27. Jaume Vidal Oliveras.


Photographic Exhibition 'Laura, S.L', in the exhibition hall 4 pasos al norte, Barcelona.

Organization and creation of Art in the Street, Coll's neighborhood, Barcelona.


Collective Exhibition of women, Fent Art remembering the women artists of the History of the Art, Assumpte Basses (historian). Installation of slides Oh, My suffered. El País newspaper, 27th february. Jaume Vidal.


Las Agrias, artistic group of women and for women, social revisionism. Works regarding Women-Art-Society.


Malas Artes, artistic group of direct action and intervention in the public space.


Works of creation of stained-glass window of new work and restoration in the workshop Creation Stained-glass window, S.R.L, Barcelona.